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Hassle-Free Warranty

We are proud to offer a “hassle-free warranty.” 

Q. What sets this apart from a traditional warranty?

A. There are 2 main factors that make this “hassle-free”

1. We ship both ways for FREE. You pay nothing.

2. Your product will be replaced with no paperwork to fill out and no complicated processes.

Q. How does it work?

A. Simply sign up to register your product below (we only need your name, and email address and the product(s) you purchased ).  If a problem occurs with your product within one year, simply send us an email briefly explaining the problem with your product along with your order number and  address and we will get you a prepaid shipping label and will send your new product within 24 hours!  It’s that simple!

To take advantage of the hassle-free warranty, please register within 30 days of receiving it by filling in your name and email address below:

(please note, if you’ve signed up to our newsletter, you are already registered! There is no need to sign up again)