(Closeout) True Depth 3D DLP-link glasses (144 hz compatible!)

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These glasses have been discontinued in favor of our new and improved Firestorm XL glasses .  However, they continue to be a very popular item.  We are closing out our remaining stock!


- Updated to work with 144 hz projectors such as the Benq w1070!

This is our newest model of DLP-link glasses that are compatible with ALL DLP 3D TVs and DLP 3D projectors at a great price!  Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the U.S. (shipping charges apply for international orders only)

This listing is for the newest (version 3.5) DLP-link 3D glasses.  Please see above for version details.  Includes: 1 pair of glasses, 1 USB cable for recharging, 1 cleaning cloth, 1 set of instructions, 2 interchangeable nose pads.

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(previous updates)


- fix to eliminate red tint with Samsung 3D TVs

-fix to eliminate flicker/sync problems with Mitsubishi 3D TVs



-fix to sync properly with the Optoma HD33 projector

-updated to work with 96z, 100 hz projectors and TVs (as well as 120 Hz)

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